Charlotte Rodriguez And Joey Rivas — Riverside, California

So I found out my husband has been sleeping with and continuing an affair with basically my sister for the past 2 years.I found his secret email and facebook accounts, I saved all the emails, pictures, videos, and texts between the two of them. When I ask him why, he says “Im dumb, i dont know why i did it, I love you, I wont have anything to do with her anymore.” Why? Who does that and think it is ok. What is wrong with them, and to think our lives can just go back to normal. Yeah right that is not going to happen. He opened the door to ruin out family and she doesnt care who she sneaks around with because she has done this in most of her relationships, but to get mad at me for wanting to tell the truth and expose them for they really are both cheating lying people. They both lie about it, I told him they are nothing but trash and are meant for eachother. She can have him and her husband does not know yet, but she wants to f*** me up for telling the truth and she doesnt want me to ruin her family but she had no problem helping my husband ruin our family. My kids are digusted that their dad was sleeping with their aunt and they think he should just go play daddy to their cousins instead because they lost all respect for him. Should I pack all of our stuff and leave? Should I tell her husband or make mine tell him?

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