Carmen Rose Escort A.K.A Sheneka Adams

Carmen Rose Escort A.K.A Sheneka “Keke” Adams

I booked this smelly pu**y woman back in August of this year. Her emails were sweet, but when we met, Boy was it the WORST time. When we met, she had white stuff on her face. I asked what it was, she laugh and said c*m, Are you ready? . WTF, NOT COOL! Apparently she flaunts around (only in hotels) looking for Johns. She has MAJOR surgeries because she used to be fat and sloppy, had a big nose, and have bad skin under her makeup. Her chin is long too,. Now her body looks good, but it’s hard and absolutely FAKE with all the surgeries on her face and body. She pretends to be high-class, but used to be a stripper, then started selling herself on escort sites for $300. You can find naked pictures and videos of her online for $20. Big fake wigs. Long pointy nose. Big teeth. LARGE forehead. And fake breasts are the reason I couldn’t take her serious… She has outed several men when they tell her they weren’t getting “as advertised”,

Do not give her your information. She will use it against you


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