Carla Ramos — Santa Barbara, California

Carla Ramos goes after married men in hopes they leave there wife’s, she LIES and says she’s pregnant to “try” to keep them. Then has a mysterious miscarriage that can’t be proved when asked. She knowingly sneaks around, when the husbands gives her instructions NOT to call while at home with family the good little dog obeys. She gets screwed in the most degrading places… like a dirty storage room. Once her side chick position is exposed she will admit part truths to the mans wife. Just enough to TRYand get the attention off her. With many pitty stories (more like petty) excuses why she’s a home wrecker *eye roll* But obviously a man will always chose his wife in kids over an easy piece of trash. So once the darkness comes to light, pathetic Carla is used and thrown off to the side like the trash she is. While these husbands are chasing what they really want… THE WIFE and FAMILY. Chasing their family life… willing to prove that she meant nothing. Giving up everything about the [email protected]#e. Probably in hopes the wife would chase off this needy side chick that was so clingy. Throwing out threats to the husband if he stopped talking to her she would make a scene and tell on him. If that’s not desperate I don’t know what is! That’s a little piece of Carla Ramos’ scandalous life. No respect for a innocent wife and kids, mich less herself. She opens those rounchy giraffe legs to ANYONE!

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