Can’t Take The Trailer Park Out Of Chewy

Nik, Chewy has given up all pretenses, she openly admits to her whoring ways again and again on social media! I understand it would be difficult to explain away the money, card, jewellery, etc. with no real job or career, but I feel like she is actually bragging about being a hooker at this point! I honestly wonder how many guys have had their way with her, and how many pills she needs to pop on a daily basis to make up for the parts of her soul she has sold. Being a floozy does not make you a boss, honey, it makes you sad and pathetic, and probably a nasty old trailer park ho when you hit 35. Those used up holes of yours are going to need some serious rejuvenation! Bless this girl Nik, her life is beautiful right now, but in the end she will regret her choices, all for a bag and a stack (and that ugly ass car she’s so excited about).
I’m going to miss Chewy the most out of all the DC’s.- nik
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