Cami Buzzelli — Toledo, Ohio

This 22 year old piece of garbage loooooves male parts just as much as she loves the married, much older, man it is connected to. She met the guy at work and knew he was married with one kid and another on the way. She made that very clear when writing his wife a message explaining everything, under a fake Facebook profile of course. She wanted him to get caught and she wanted to ruin not only the life this man had with his wife but also the lives of two innocent children. She willingly went ahead and sucked this guy off on multiple occasions. This hooker even went as far as driving across town at 4:30 in the morning so his dumb ass could pick her up in a parking lot and get head while they carpooled to work. She never even got anything in return!! She is the purest definition of trash, prostitute and home wrecker/side chick I can think of…and she obviously has no self worth or regard for others. Stay classy, bitch.

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