Brytni Fluegal — San Pedro, California

This snaggle tooth has absolutely no shame. Constantly calling and writing my boyfriend on Facebook messenger so much he deleted it. She knows we’ve been in a relationship for years and share 3 kids and there’s still no second thought on what it would do to children having their family broken up. It’s one thing when a girl isn’t aware of a relationship but when they do it just shows what kind of worthless inconsiderate homewrecker they are. Here’s hoping someone is raising her daughter to be more of a women, teaches her self respect, respect for others, morals and let’s her know there’s more to life then smoking pot wrecking family’s and posting pictures of yourself half naked on a website called meetme. She works at beaten down bars in San Pedro so hold on to your men if you dare walk in there. You can also find her on Facebook. Instagram burtney33 and twitter whatageek.

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