Brittani Boudreau – Kingston, Canada

WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE! well there’s so much to say about this little blue haired pepsi slore. she came from fredericton and should probably just go back and be her dirty self there. she loves a man with a woman already, she can’t keep her legs closed or her nose clean thats for sure she pops those barz and will take anything this girl can get. she’s in it for the free ride, she used EVERYBODY she can to get whatever she can. she can’t support herself in any way; her mommy even has to buy her pot to smoke every month, she is a bum who can’t provide for herself, just like her sad excuse of a mother, Tiffany, but at least Tiffany never managed to NOT reach the level of dirty trash her daughter got too. if she gets close to you shes a emotionally abusive piece of shit and will hurt and twist you and fuck you up, she sends nudes for special “tokens” for gift cards cause you know she’s all about that life too. she doesn’t understand what no or taken is, one of the biggest slores you can find hit her up for some late night fun, it’ll only take a couple days of talking anyone can come over her doors as open as her legs. catch her in the shower once a week, don’t get too close to her hair you don’t know what’s living in there ? and you don’t want the smell of cat piss to rub off on you, you breathe and you can taste it off this 2$ hoes clothes, but her house is only worse, she’s like your town bike everyone gets a ride, couple boys in the same friend group put a het down who was gonna fuk her first gor 20$ within 3 weeks, pretty sad a couple thought they won, watch your man around her ladys and if ya been with her check yourself, she knows how to get around, always been good at it. she needs to get through life somehow! someone needs to even show the b1tch how to brush her teeth, that’s pretty obvious, maybe you should chill on your dirty native darts! beware of this dirty little slore she’ll try to fuk your mans an get him in the sh1ts, don’t trust this sneaky little slore:m. she is ever so deceiving with her shy little brat act and i just wanna be his friend, don’t let her fool you ladies. cut her off

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