Britney Strunk — Hiawatha, Kansas

Watch out Hiawatha Kansas!!! This nasty delusional woman is living in your city! This trash wants everyone to feel sorry for her! Not only did she send my husband of 9 years naked photos of herself, she actually asked him to leave me and come save her from her pathetic life! She wants to post all these pictures on Facebook of her poor child and his struggle with rocky mountain spotted fever but come on hun let’s not hold back the juicy details… you were so concerned for your child’s health but yet you couldn’t stop texting my husband!?? You actually wanted him to meet you and drop his family b/c you were in the area… supposedly worrying about your sons well-being? Your kids deserve better than you! Quit looking for someone to save you and try to fix your own messed up life. I confronted this woman over the phone about messing around with my husband and instead of being a real women she lied like a coward! Telling me ” Oh, I would never cheat with a married man… I’ve been cheated on before I know how it feels… I would never stoop that low! ” Hahaha that’s funny… looks like your as low as they come!

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