Brenda Moore — Quincy, Florida

My husband and this homewrecker (Brenda Moore-Quincy, FL) worked together for years. She would send him religious quotes every morning before work and I questioned her motives. He claimed she wasn’t like that and even reminded me she dated his younger brother. I believed it was innocent because she would greet me in a friendly manner when I visit him at work. On one occasion he invited her to our church and proceeded to set her up with our unmarried pastor (who was not interested I might add). I found out a few years ago they were seeing each other and confronted them. Of course she lied and blamed it on my insecurities. Several subsequent incidents and discovery of a second phone last year resulted in my learning that there is possibly a child (about 3 years old) involved. I’ve been with my husband 20 years and we have 4 children (ages 17-1 years old). To know that this women could be so nasty, smiling in my face and sleeping with my husband is unreal. Then the fact that he been going unprotected with this person makes it even harder to accept. They both have me to the point that I don’t trust anybody or anything.

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