Nik, where do I start? Wow!! let me tell you facts about Natalie White; she claims to be a model but, yet she should try out to be an actress; she wasting her time trying to be something that she will never become; but for an actress; she would win an Oscar for best performance of the year…. She would go all the way to signing an oath with lies just to get back at you; or would say anything that would make you lose something in your life. This girl is not evil, but she has an illness that is being over looked at. She needs to be out of the streets; away from public; I wouldn’t be shocked if she murdered someone and got away with it that’s how superlative she is. and why she like this is because of MONEY!! if she asks you for money and if you don’t give it to her!!! YOU would wish you did; she will go cross the line as so far just to get even with you.

Let me tell you a true event : Natalie wanted a guy she met; she saw how much he was worth so she acted like he was her universe; but at the end she wanted him to take care of her needs and he said no ; next thing u know she calling his x wife saying a multitude of LIES after LIES and then she signs a oath and signs it and it was presented in court and he has his kids eliminated from his care; and this guy is an outstanding father, he wouldn’t put them in any danger; and of course the court believed the Actress of the year Natalie; another event is Natalie had asked this girl for money and she said no she going to use it for her kids future and Natalie got upset (Natalie is the kind of person if your making or receiving more money then her she gets jealous but just jealous but evil jealous) however, Natalie had told me and a few other people she going to make sure this girl gets NOTHING as a pay back for her saying no…. NIK please tell me this is illness she sick right?? cuz this is not ordinary at all; and now she has her little dog “Jessica Lasher” up Natalie ass she doesn’t know that Natalie is trying to make her do her dirty work so that if anything goes down,. Jessica will be the one to Accuse…. but Jessica is a TRUE blonde – Natalie calls her Bambi why? because Jessica is incoherent …. and that’s is the only thing that Natalie is not lying about!!! Natalie had told us she had done this to multitudinous people in the past ; and she says she ALWAYS WINS – laughing about it too…
I apologize for Friday novel day, but there’s more to the story.- nik
Natalie also takes prescriptions that is prescribed to other people; she does a slathers of coke all this shit is killing her brain cells and I believe she a rotten person ; she even calls herself Heidi; Heidi is a girl that died and Natalie was accused of it but nothing happened (I wouldn’t be surprised if she did kill Heidi – like I said she got away with it) but the fuck up thing is that she USES her dead friend name in escorting how mental is that; now she going by the name of EMMA lol that’s humdinger because EMMA is her x-friend child name who the one that Natalie AGAIN tried to destroy another girl by calling the social worker telling lies and lies to take Emma away from her mom ; its like she uses the names of her victim’s to escort NOW TO ME that’s makes me sick to my stomach its like she gets off on it and relish using their names… I can keep going on and on but wanted you to get a picture of Natalie …. but I am so sick in tired of listening and hearing what she has planned its truly evil sickness …. SHE IS DANGEROUS TO THE PUBLIC …. she got away with SO MUCH LIES AND BULLSHIT …. but one day this will back fire on Natalie and I can’t rest until that happens …. BEWARE OF NATALIE JEAN WHITE – Don’t be FOOLED and BTW Natalie has [REDACTED]; ask her to do a [REDACTED] test she will refuse to take the test; Furthermore, another witness reveal that Jessica has it too and she got it from Natalie from doing a 6 sum and now the 6 guys have it and I bet you they don’t even know they have it…. genuinely disturbing.
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