Bailey Jambga — Edwardsville, Illinois

This little thot is disgraceful. She I said known to sleep with any man that will give her attention. She started talking to my husband about a year ago and I have made several attempts to talk to her about the situation. She knows that he is married and has told her that we are “separated”. I know that they are sneaking around and that he is still seeing her. She is a poor excuse for a woman and can’t find anyone who will love her so she results to my husband. She has been creeping around town with her and sleeping with her in hotel rooms. I also know that he has stayed at her home and came home to me smelling like sex. I have made numerous attempts to confront her and she has ignored me. My husband lies to her and says that he’s leaving me. He sleeps with her because I am not having sex with him because he’s a liar and a cheater. Word around town is that she has slept with just about every guy at the college. She has absolutely no shame and will have sex anywhere and at anytime. Women please keep your man away from this whore and mothers hide your sons.

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