Annie Aurora Mckay

This slut likes to play victim to circumstance she creates she thinks sleeping with married men is ok that’s the values she was brought up on . She was planning her wedding with venue and bridesmaids picked out just a month ago even though the man she was spreading her legs for is still with his wife and kids and no plan to divorce she is a stupid , gullible girl who believes a man would leave his family for something as cheap as her now she has been left without a groom . If you’re interested shes 27 likes older men closer to her father’s age than her own hence the daddy issues and she does not like condoms hoping to get pregnant so beware of STDs .

One thought on “Annie Aurora Mckay

  1. You obviously don’t respect yourself and you know you are not worth anything if your going after someone else’s man …..karma will get you eventually and you will know what it is to be cheated on!!

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