Anne Prochnow — Gainesville, Georgia

I met this woman on prominent dating website her name is Virginia and prochnow they call or Jenny or short I told her everything about me that I don’t cheat I don’t believe more than one person at a time don’t lie upmost respect and I gave her that open doors for her gave her money for her house and I had a suspicion she was sleeping with her boss I had no proof so I took her word 6 years later I’ll find out she was sleeping with her boss once a month or more and other men and once a year at the business retreat they go to in Valdosta supposedly that’s what they want they were doing porn hardcore rape porn. And come to find out people should work and when she was sleeping with most men three or four at a time at the same time and they knew she was with me and after all this I remember seeing them smirking at each other pisses me off then had me locked up for giving a false report that I didn’t give a false report to the boss his name was Dennis of people’s Financial and another guy named Mark that’s working for Auto Gallery North with Jenny now and wherever he goes Jenny was with him like they were afraid she was going to get away they’re all scum bags and there’s probably more I don’t even know about there’s a decent woman out there there’s a decent man right here waiting for 1 my name is Troy close I hope Karma gets them good.

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