Annalise (Anna) Rebecca Morton — Thornaby, England

My husband (H) is a fully fledged severe passive aggressive man, and has consistently endeavoured to destroy our marriage. He’s had several excuses as to why I apparently wasn’t committed, so thus HE is then entitled to perve at women, sign up to umpteen dating sites, and talk to dubious and unsavoury females online. My husband himself no better, he’s turning this kind of behaviour into a lifetime activity it seems. When my husband met me he was all over me like a case of hives. His ex was a monster incarnate. Well over a decade later, guess what. I am Gollum and he is Cinderella.

Oh poor man, to be married to such a beast of a woman, such a monster. What an awful, despicable and dreadful wife I am. Luckily, he went on ‘penpal’ sites, which even he knew was really a [email protected]*e site. Which man goes there, no profile filled out, just looking for immoral turds? Which woman goes there to lure in men, under the pretense of ‘friendship’? Why do you want a male friend, and that male is 50 years old, and you are barely 21 years of age? You just turned 21 in March this year. H and Anna, both being slu**y in my opinion, soon struck up a perverted connection. Anna’s running joke to all outsiders is that she’s just in it for friendship, which is why she promptly wants to see photos of the men. Well she did of H! Being an idiot, as well as a passive aggressive and a cheater, he sent her very personal and private documents. He had even wanted to send off his marriage certificate, you know, that thing that belongs only to the two people whose names are on it. His lie was that his accountant needed it. Which loser would believe such rubbish? My husband then proceeded to b*tch about me non-stop. Anna has NO job, NO friends, apparently. She somehow manages to pay her rent, which means she either lives off the dole, or, is running a convenient scam where she deliberately targets old(er) men – this is the only logical explanation. Her mother isn’t rich. She said to H that she “likes” talking to older men. Her aim appears to be to attract men and then rinse them, as far as I see. H fancies himself in love with Anna, so according to him, she’s as pure as the driven snow. Yes, what a fantastic Christmas and New Year it has been for me. All that time, my lying, seedy, perverted, passive aggressive husband was doing what he does best: pretend and lie. He’d fake indignation at the very thought that he was whoring again. He was cheating, it’s how he likes to live. Always has to have something on the side it seems. Indeed, what a guy. Aren’t I lucky.

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