allison tom of emeryville obsessed with hunk in same building

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This asian trashy slore allison tom, lives in her mother’s apartment in emeryville. she is the most grimy, repulsive, uneducated, ignorant, fat, disgusting, smelly (the list goes on and on) chick in the bay area. She will do anything (literally) to get money off of you. claiming herself as a tv producer and put up fake photos that anyone could tell is taken at photobooth. no one would talk to her, she never brush her teeth, you could smell the terrible breath 5 ft away. no one would sit on a couch after shes sat there. YOU WILL SMELL JUST FROM SITTING IN THE SAME SEAT! she is obsessed with a hunk living in the same building. who would even look at this fat old meat. then she and her mother would never stop harass him. poor guy had to relocate to thousand miles away. BE CAREFUL! she will leave nasty threatening messages on your phone, stalk you outside your home, visit you at work, and call everyone you know if she doesn’t get her way.

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