Alexandra “Lexi” Ervin – Tampa, Florida

I have had the displeasure of knowing this girl by proxy for many years. (I use the term “girl” here, as “woman” is usually reserved for mature, productive members of society). This individual has spent her entire adulthood manipulating and preying on men. She has been repeatedly fired from multiple jobs and continues to live with and financially abuse her parents well into her late 20s. She lies, steals, cheats, and has a notorious reputation throughout the community. All of this most likely stems from her long time drug addiction. The biggest victims of her juvenile behavior are her two young children, whom she emotionally and financially neglects and abandons to use and party. Word to the wise: if you ever cross paths with this person run fast in the other direction!


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    seriously ?? little slut lexi screwed my bf in december and now she’s still chasing him!! and she’s doing this to other people??? i’ve posted about her several times on here and I am not surprised someone else feels the same way !!!

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    jane doe

    what’s her drug of choice? I’m curious as to whether or not me and my boyfriend (ex) need to be tested!!!!

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    I would DEFINITELY get tested for STDs. I can confirm she has had at least two veneral diseases, one which she tested positive for and passed along to other men around the time of the birth of her second child. I know she uses many classes of drugs (cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.) but “legal” Benzodiazepines are her drug of choice. My advice would be to cut all ties to the situation and move on. Controversy and discord are what drives her.

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    pissed off

    oh that’s lovely. yeah she somehow ended up getting my long term (5+years) bf to sleep with her around new years, and now she won’t go away. he completely denies what she said and claims he never touched her but i’m not stupid. i mean come on. and now we are trying to rebuild and she keeps popping up whenever i turn around. i asked her what kind of example is she setting for her kids, but i honestly doubt she cares. i wish she would find a new sucker bc she’s long worn out her welcome with us

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    pissed off

    she’s so gross. in all reality if he did hook up with her, he absolutely would have used protection, he’s too scared of getting someone pregnant and we even use it majority of the time. but just the fact that he put himself in this situation with someone like her is really what disgusts me. she was so desperate and obvious from day 1, i knew exactly what she wanted. she even met me one time when she stopped by his house with her girl friend. she looked me in the eyes and told me they were just friends and I had nothing to worry about. And then a few weeks later she messaging me telling me she screwed him! she’s one classy broad that’s for sure. i hope the child’s father and his gf get the children full time bc she’s a disgrace of a mother. so over it

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