Alexandra Alex Leone – Westwood ca, California

Alexandra “Alex” Leone aka blueyes is the nastiest trashy garbage whore.
sleeps with anyone fucks everyone.
loves sucking dick swallowing cum and getting cummed in her gapped loose cunt.
bitch smells like sewer rotting shit, doesn’t shower or use protection. Has so many STDs and AIDS spreading diseases to everyone in contact.
spends all day and night in Hollywood bars and clubs looking for cock, loves married men and men with kids. Enjoys ruining relationships and families.
sends nudes to everyone of her raunchy body, flatchested no tits, big ass pelican nose, sharpie clown eyebrows and stank loose ass cunt.
Bitch is jobless living in a crackhead apartment sleeping on dirty matress old bedsheets.
wears the same crusty underwear for days with cums stains all over.
Chick takes more loads than a washing machine

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