Adrian R. Glenn — Pembroke Township, Illinois

Adrian R.Glenn is a serial cheater! I met him on a dating site. He said all the right things. Adrian really sounded like he wanted a real relationship. Six months into the relationship, I caught him video sexting from my bed in my house. I eventually forgave him. Talking to his birth mom and one his cousins, I learned that Adrian meets woman that he feels may be insecure, moves in with them and continues his cheating ways. At 49 years old he has never had his own place. He lives with his grandparents . I found out later that when we met he was living with a woman. We went on a weekend getaway and he never went back to her house. He never ever called her again. He cheats with Mary Cannon from Urbana, IL and a married woman Joane Lewis-Franklin who lives In Florida. He lost his job and feels like he shouldn’t pay bills. He’s on all the dating sites as ARG365. He’s also on social media. If you run across him, run the other way! One photo is him and the other the Married Minister now living in Florida. SAVE YOURSELF LADIES!

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