Adrian Furniss — Doha, Qatar

This man works in Afghanistan for Ecolog and has a wife and two sons in the UK but has walked out on them for some tart he met on a webcam sex site who lives in Qatar. Magda from South Africa a gold digging tramp who is hiding Adrian from the authorities in the UK and spending as much of his money as she can while his wife and kids have lost there home possessions, car, everything. Adrian is a serial cheater who preys on women over the internet and begins relationships with any of them that will meet up for sex. He seems nice at first but this is an extremely abusive man who destroyed his wife and is taking great pleasure in flaunting the new tramp in her face. Adrian and Magda are breaking the law in Qatar as they are conducting a sexual affair while not married to each other but this doesn’t bother them if any one has any information on her it would be very helpful as I doubt this is the first time she has done this.

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