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I also was a fool and paid Aaron Greenspan $4500to remove my name from plainsite.org. Aaron Jacob Greenspan threatened me if I spoke out. Seriously he is autistic.
WWW.plainsite.org is an extortion machine!!! Aaron Greenspan, Dr. Neil S Greenspan (case western reserve university) and Judith Keene Greenspan will not remove any names until you pay $4500.There is no reasoning with these rich white people. They make sure that your name is among the top 5 when googled. People checking on you or your company will see this and automatically be prejudiced against you. This is an unfair business practice. Plainsite.org is run out of 
44122 Shaker Heights 
340 S. LEMON AVENUE #6720
WALNUT CA 91789.
Aaron Greenspan is always trying to hide. Beware dealing with crazy Aaron Greenspan
Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s father initiated this entire 501c(3) tax fraud that first started out in 1998 out of Cleveland, Ohio under the name Think Computer Corporation which initially was a “For Profit”
In 2000 Dr. Neil S Greenspan who is a Professor at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio came up with a great scam. Dr. Neil S Greenspan transferred this entire operation to the State of Delaware so that he could pass this tax fraud on to his son Aaron Jacob Greenspan, while he gives the outside world that he is some sort of goody two shoe Professor, when in fact Dr. Neil S Greenspan is the mastermind behind this entire IRS 501c(3) Tax Fraud Scam under the guise of “Helping the Children” but the fact of the matter is this entire Tax Fraud Scam was designed by Dr. Neil S Greenspan, in order to provide for himself and his family only a source of an easy income. Dr. Neil S Greenspan is the Vice President and Treasurer for this entire Tax Fraud operation, so even though Dr. Neil S Greenspan tries to make the public believe that he is some squeaky clean Professor who works at the Case Western Reserve University but the complete opposite is true. Dr. Neil S Greenspan is a devious, conniving, scammer who has masterminded this entire IRS 501c(3) Tax Fraud Operation from day one.
The public can go to the following website in Delaware called “Division of Corporations” where there are about 6 pages on Think Computer Corporation. The cost is $10 for the first page and $2 for each additional page. Dr. Neil S Greenspan used a third party to set up his 501c(3) Tax Fraud Scheme in the State of Delaware.
State of Delaware – Division of Corporations


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