A Drug Dealing Rapist #MeToo

Nik, Lonnie Sahagon and I were friends for a few months, one night we’re hanging out and taking some shots. When suddenly he brings out an E-tab, also known as ecstasy in the form of a pill. He knew I was drunk, I refused the pill, but he insisted. Long story short, he went through my phone after he raped me, sent and deleted messages to my friends and family, got my card number and god knows what else. I later found out, through the police that he has video evidence of us having sex (which I have no memory of because of the drugs) the police say that because there was video evidence, it suddenly proves that he didn’t rape me. I remember parts about that night, and one of them is saying multiple times “no, stop, I don’t want this” but he has no remorse. He’s a professional rapist, and has done this to so many girls. Steer clear!!! And don’t fall into his trap. You may know him as a coke dealer, and much much more.
If you have a #MeToo story, please share. The movement isn’t just for celebs.- nik

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